Stypendia i praca w projektach WUM

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Medical University of Warsaw
Department of Biochemistry

We are inviting applications for a PhD student position in the field of biological sciences at the Medical University of Warsaw. The position will provide the opportunity to participate in cutting edge research project, investigating the modulation of cancer immune response by tumor microenvironment, as briefly described… We are seeking open-minded, independent and highly motivated candidates with interests in cancer immunology, cell signaling, and tumor metabolism. The selected candidate will endeavor to identify mechanisms of immune suppression driven by tumor microenvironment. Under appropriate supervision, the candidate will be expected to increase their degree of technical and intellectual autonomy throughout the project implementation. The laboratory is located at both the Department of Biochemistry and the Center for Preclinical Research at the Medical University of Warsaw, well equipped, with access to core facilities (flow cytometry, microscopy, and omics),

[offer - pdf file, 415 kb]

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