Welcome to the MUW Open Day online
There will be recruitment information, videos about the university and filmed interviews with students. And there will be chats where you will be able to ask all your questions about recruitment and programs of study. You will find all this and more on April 15 on a special interactive platform of the MUW Open Day online.
Meeting with Ukraine's health minister and a visit to Bogomolets National Medical University
During the visit to Ukraine, Rector Prof. Zbigniew Gaciong and Vice Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences and Director of the Polish Medical Air Rescue Prof. Robert Gałązkowski met with representatives of the Ukrainian Health Ministry. They also visited the Bogomolets National Medical University and the Okhmatdyt National Children's Hospital.
Our specialists form emergency medicine training center in Ukraine
MUW Rector Prof. Zbigniew Gaciong and Prof. Robert Gałązkowski, head of the Department of Emergency Medicine, director of the Polish Medical Air Rescue and vice dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences MUW, signed a cooperation agreement on support for training in battlefield medicine.
The stationary Open Day at MUW is behind us
Thematic panels, workshops, 40 booths where students told what it's like to study and learn at MUW, and above all, more than 1,500 people visited us - one of the most important cyclical events at our university took place on Saturday, March 4.
MUW scholarships for young scientists awarded
There are seven of them and they are not yet 35 years old. They represent various fields of medicine, pharmacy and health sciences. They received the scholarships from the university's own Scholarship Fund for their achievements and involvement in scientific activities - projects and publications. These are the first such awards at MUW.
List of One Hundred 2022 announced! Among the honored - our employees
This is the 20th edition of the prestigious "Puls Medycyny" plebiscite. The list is divided into two categories and includes one hundred of the most influential people in Polish medicine and one hundred in the Polish health care system. The listings for 2022, published yesterday - February 28 - include as many as 22 people associated with our university.
We joined NTMed - Cluster of New Medical Technologies of the Warsaw University of Technology
The cluster supports the development of innovation in the Polish medical devices and medical products sector. On February 24 this year, MUW officially became its member. The cooperation agreement was signed by the vice rectors for science of both universities, Prof. Piotr Pruszczyk and Prof. Mariusz Malinowski. Membership in NTMed is another confirmation of our university’s reputation as a thriving research center. Participation in the venture also means, among other things, the opportunity to benefit from technical advice on innovations under development or expertise in raising funds for research and development in medicine, pharmacy and health sciences.
Researchers from the University of Bologna with lectures at our university
Prof. Fabrizia Grepioni and Prof. Dario Braga from the Department of Chemistry at the University of Bologna are distinguished specialists in the field of crystal engineering, among others. Their presentations were of great interest to doctoral students and MUW students.
Final evaluation results. We got three "A's"
In the fields of medical sciences, pharmaceutical sciences and health sciences, we earned "A" categories. We received these high grades for our scientific activities in 2017-2021.
One donor, two recipients: the first such liver transplant in Poland
In the Department and Clinic of General Transplantation and Liver Surgery at the UCK WUM, a pioneering transplantation of liver taken from a deceased donor and divided for two adult recipients has been carried out – the first of its kind to be performed anywhere in the country. This is another milestone in the Medical University of Warsaw’s transplantology program.