Brand Book

Brand Book

The MUW Brand Book is the basis for the university’s identification system, it defines the most important brand identity graphics of the university along with the suggestions for their use, color scheme and typography. It was prepared to standardize the use of these elements depending on the circumstances.

The Brand Book includes the rules that need to be followed when using, in particular, two of the University’s brand identity graphics. The existing emblem of MUW becomes a ceremonial brand identity - a symbol used to emphasize the tradition, history and stature of the University. It is used only in situations of utmost importance: at the jubilee celebrations, in materials signed by HM Rector and the Senate, on seals, medals, awards, in official publications concerning important events of the university.

A new brand identity graphic, called the basic graphic or logotype, consisting of a signet  (the eagle in the emblem of the university) and typography, has been introduced for general use. The logotype is designed for the use in informational and promotional materials, stationery, university events, email footers, commemorative diplomas or student actions and activities. The logotype will also be used in the university's official electronic media.

Within the framework of the Brand Book, recommended typography (a set of fonts) has also been prepared to be used in official university forms and electronic media of the MUW.

The brand identity specified in the Brand Book are the property of the Medical University of Warsaw and are subject to legal protection. All the organizational units of the University are obliged to follow the guidelines indicated in the MUW Brand Book. It is important that these rules are also applied by cooperating institutions or external parties which are additionally obliged to obtain permission to use the MUW logo.

It is the first stage of works connected with the preparation of a comprehensive Visual Identification System of MUW.


How to use the emblem and logo

The emblem, as ceremonial brand identity, is used on/in:

  • main website (desktop and departmental pages)
  • documents of HM Rector, University Council, Senate
  • invitations to inaugurations, graduation ceremonies
  • normative acts of the MUW
  • diplomas (doctoral, post-doctoral, etc.)

The logotype, or basic brand identity, is used on/in:

  • mobile website
  • application for students
  • social media channels
  • rector's auspices
  • conference materials
  • student actions
  • letterheards and business cards, email footers
  • promotional materials
  • presentation templates, posters
  • publications
  • diplomas

The historical emblem of MUW with a white eagle on a red background was created by Andrzej Heidrich (1928-2019), an outstanding Polish graphic artist and author of, among others, NBP banknotes specimens. This emblem remains unchanged. On the basis of the emblem, the logotype was designed by graphic designer Paulina Derecka from the Faculty of Graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.

The Brand Book of the Medical University of Warsaw was introduced by the Rector's Order No. 189/2021 of 7 October 2021.