Clinical Department of Marrow Transplantation and Cellular Therapies
The Department of Hematology, Transplantation and Internal Medicine UCC MUW has opened a Clinical Department of Marrow Transplantation and Cellular Therapies. Patients are already using its services. The ribbon was ceremoniously cut today.
The 1972 graduates celebrated the renewal of their diplomas after 50 years
The invitation of the authorities of the Faculty of Medicine was answered by dozens of graduates who had completed their medical studies in 1972. On Friday, November 18, they met within the walls of MUW to celebrate and reminisce together about their time as students. This is part of the academic tradition of our University.
Prematurity Day at UCC MUW
One in 10 babies is born prematurely, that is, before the 37th week of pregnancy. In Poland, that's about 26,000 premature babies a year. They are completely defenseless as they lie in incubators connected to monitoring equipment. And so tiny. Some fit in the palm of your hand and weigh as much as a teddy bear. Fortunately, thanks to huge advances in neonatology, it is possible to save them. Yesterday, all premature babies - tiny, small and quite grown-up - celebrated their holiday.
COVID-19 and pandemics of the future. Debate at MUW
Experts discussed what we are left with after COVID, how it has changed our lives and affected public health. They also considered what to do and how to do it in case of future pandemics.
Erasmus plus
Erasmus+ is a European Union support programme that enables students and employees of universities from member countries to improve their competences and gain international experience. This academic year 2022/2023, students, PhD students and staff from the Ukrainian medical universities with which agreements under Erasmus+ have been signed (or will be signed) have been given the opportunity to participate in the programme. This is a form of aid for war-torn Ukraine, the painful consequences of which are also being experienced by the universities.
We know the results of the “Golden Scalpel 2022” award Two MUW projects among the finalists
The finalists were announced on November 8 during the ceremonial gala. It includes ten projects carried out by specialists from the entire Poland. The leaders of those from MUW include Mariusz Tomaniak, PhD, MD and Adam Rdzanek, PhD, MD from I Department and Cardiology Clinic of the University Clinical Centre of the Medical University of Warsaw. Both are related to heart disease.
A series of emergency medicine workshops for doctors in Ukraine has ended
For 10 weeks in Ivano-Frankivsk, specialists from our Department of Emergency Medical Sciences and expert medical instructors from the Polish Medical Air Rescue trained 500 doctors and feldshers from Ukraine.
Faculty of Pharmacy has new governance
Piotr Luliński, PhD was appointed the new Dean of the Pharmaceutical Faculty, Agnieszka Bazylko, PhD – the Deputy Dean for Learning of the Faculty of Pharmacy, and Olga Ciepiela, PhD – Deputy Dean for Learning at the Faculty of Medical Analysis.
Vaccinations against influenza  for students
The influenza season is commencing. We are also facing another wave of coronavirus infections. For the sake of the health of all students at the University of Warsaw, our Medical Centre is organising free of charge vaccinations against influenza.
The first in Poland adult kidney stone treatment using the Avicenna robotic system
A patient with complicated kidney stones has undergone ECIRS procedure (access through the kidney and ureter) using the Avicenna robotic system at the Department of Urology at the Medical University of Warsaw, Infant Jesus Clinical Hospital UCC MUW.