Researchers from the University of Bologna with lectures at our university

Prof. Fabrizia Grepioni and Prof. Dario Braga from the Department of Chemistry at the University of Bologna are distinguished specialists in the field of crystal engineering, among others. Their presentations were of great interest to doctoral students and MUW students.

The Italian scientists came at the invitation of the Department of Analytical Chemistry and Biomaterials of the Faculty of Pharmacy and the Doctoral School.

Lecture on crystal structures
Prof. Dario Braga gave a lecture on the influence of crystal structures on the physicochemical and pharmaceutical properties of APIs (i.e., pharmaceutically active substances). He talked about research methods and structural characterization of crystal structures  - polymorphic varieties, solvates and cocrystals. Finally, he pointed out the consequences of choosing a crystal structures for the final formulation of a drug and its impact on intellectual property protection.
Prof. Braga's three-hour lecture was prepared with doctoral students of the Doctoral School in mind. However, it could be listened to by anyone who was interested, admission was free, and the lecture was held at the MUW Teaching Center.
It is worth noting that Prof. Dario Braga is an outstanding scientist in the fields of supramolecular solid state chemistry, crystal engineering and crystallography. He has been awarded numerous scientific prizes. He has written about 500 papers that have been published in peer-reviewed international journals, and is co-author of several patents on drug polymorphism.

Presentation on crystal engineering
Prof. Fabrizia Grepioni is also interested in crystal engineering - from design, synthesis, and research to applications of molecular crystalline materials. She is the author of some 400 papers in peer-reviewed international journals and books, and a recipient of the Raffaello Nasini Prize of the Italian Chemical Society.
At MUW, she spoke about nature-inspired crystal engineering, "Nature inspired crystal engineering: from interactions to applications." She spoke at the Pharmaceutical Faculty Auditorium.