The 1972 graduates celebrated the renewal of their diplomas after 50 years

The invitation of the authorities of the Faculty of Medicine was answered by dozens of graduates who had completed their medical studies in 1972. On Friday, November 18, they met within the walls of MUW to celebrate and reminisce together about their time as students. This is part of the academic tradition of our University.

- Your presence is proof of your ties to the faculty and to the university. And your biographies show that the education gained within its walls has resulted in many years of excellent work in many fields: clinical, organizational, scientific, didactic - Professor Rafal Krenke, dean of the faculty, said to the heroes of the event. He stressed that the anniversary of the renewal of diplomas after 50 years is an extraordinary ceremony - renewing the sense of community. The dean noted that over the past 50 years, during which each of the graduates present at the ceremony wrote their own history, the Faculty of Medicine had also been changing.

The ceremony was an opportunity to express the university's pride in the achievements of its graduates, but it was also emphasized that graduates can feel pride in their Alma Mater. The Rector, Prof. Zbigniew Gaciong, reminded that MUW is the oldest academic university in Warsaw, which is constantly developing. Its diploma is a passport that opens many doors around the world. He pointed out that MUW is constantly investing in its teaching and educational base, as evidenced by the new Medical Simulation Center building now under construction and the thorough modernization of the hospital on Lindley Street. Proof of MUW's high rank is also provided by its positions in world rankings.
Prof. Gaciong also drew attention to the extraordinary mission that the heroes of the ceremony have fulfilled during their medical professional path. - Medicine is the area where a teacher is essential - said Prof. Zbigniew Gaciong. - A doctor is not only a teacher, working in a medical school, academy or university. He is a teacher practically every day, as younger colleagues learn from older ones, and the rest of the staff learns from them as well. Each of us, each of you has carried out this mission.

The graduates received symbolic honorary diplomas from the hands of the rector and dean with great emotion. They confirmed their contributions to Polish medicine and their many years of commitment and dedication to saving human health and life. And also the realization of "the noble mission of helping the sick, training and shaping the attitudes of younger generations of doctors and the development of the health care system."

At the end of the ceremony, the MUW Choir sang the songs "Yellow Submarine," "New York, New York" and - sung for the first time - "I have a dream." A commemorative photo was also taken.  

During the ceremony, in addition to the Rector and the Dean, the Vice Deans of the faculty were also present: Prof. Aleksandra Banaszkiewicz, Prof. Tadeusz Grochowiecki, Łukasz Koperski, MD, PhD,  Jacek Sieńko, MD, PhD.