Faculty of Pharmacy has new governance

Piotr Luliński, PhD was appointed the new Dean of the Pharmaceutical Faculty, Agnieszka Bazylko, PhD – the Deputy Dean for Learning of the Faculty of Pharmacy, and Olga Ciepiela, PhD – Deputy Dean for Learning at the Faculty of Medical Analysis.

The appointments were handed by the Rector of the MUW Professor Zbigniew Gaciong, MD, PhD. The new governance was appointed to the 2020-2024 term of office for the period from 7 November 2022 to 30 September 2024.

Piotr Luliński, PhD is the head of the Department of Organic and Physical Chemistry of the Faculty of Pharmacy. Until now, he has also been the Deputy Dean at this Faculty, similarly to Agnieszka Pazylko, PhD.  Olga Ciepiela, PhD is the head of the Department of Laboratory Medicine.