Anatomic Warm-up

The exam session is approaching fast. There is the extremely important examination in anatomy, among others, to be passed. After all, perfect knowledge of the human body is essential in the medical professions. Crowds of first-year students refreshed their knowledge on the subject yesterday, until late at night, at the Museum of the History of Medicine of the Medical University of Warsaw. They used, among other things, a set of accurate and advanced anatomical models and an interactive phantom mapping the six human anatomical systems. This is the first lesson from the “Anatomic Warm-up” series.

Six work stations were arranged for the students, devoted to head and neck, osteology and limbs, abdominal cavity and chest. The course on radiological “pins” was a real treat. The “pins” is a colloquial name for a practical exam in anatomy during which students are required to recognize the structure of anatomical preparations marked with pins. Students could also participate in mini-lectures explaining where the most important structures of the human body are located and how they work.

The event was organized by students from the Ars Medica organization together with the museum staff. The substantive supervisor of the warm-up was Dr. Mikołaj Sługocki from the Department of Normal and Clinical Anatomy. Anatomical models were provided by the Museum, the Library and the Department of Normal and Clinical Anatomy of the Medical University of Warsaw.