Discover the secrets of the human body

Two exhibition halls, one of which is arranged like a modern anatomical theater, create a modern educational space in which the Museum of the History of Medicine MUW presents the human anatomy, using, among others, the form of mapping.

The museum's offer is addressed to schools and school-age students. The educatees visiting the museum can take part in a special 3D multimedia spectacle. With the use of specialized multimedia projectors 6 human anatomical systems: circulatory, skeletal, respiratory, muscular, digestive, and nervous, are displayed on a phantom lying on the original dissection table from the beginning of the last century. The projection is accompanied by a lecture that explains the most important principles and meanders of the functioning of the human body.

Visitors can also enjoy a number of exhibits related to normal and pathological anatomy as well as forensic medicine. Among the collected objects, there are drawings from the old anatomical atlases, the first original Polish anatomy textbooks and anatomical cadavers. There are also old, well-preserved dissecting tools. Young people will also be able to watch a video showing how anatomical knowledge has evolved over the centuries.

The visit to the museum is combined with profiled activities that can help prepare for the biology high school exams and facilitate the choice of further education. The School-age students can choose from classes titled "Anatomy Lesson in the Anatomical Theater of the 21st Century" or "From Harvey's Bloodstream to Modern Heart Anatomy.” Applications for a visit to the museum are accepted by calling the secretary's office at 22 116 60 19 (October dates are currently available).

The exhibition and all the meetings were prepared within the project "Discover the secrets of the human body in the  anatomical theater of the 21st century" co-financed by the "Social responsibility of science" program of the Minister of Education and Science.