Grant for a young scientist

Aleksandra Karolina Kruk, PhD. Eng., from the Faculty of Pharmacy is one of the beneficiaries of the fifth edition of the SONATINA competition, which is addressed to young scientists who received their doctoral degrees within the last three years. Competitive grants awarded by the National Science Center enable to finance the research projects and internships in prestigious foreign centers.

The winner will receive funding for a project titled "Does an ethanolic extract of the cinquefoil rhizome (Tormentillae tinctura) support the treatment of leaky gut syndrome?" conducted at the environmental Microbiota Lab.  

The Laboratory of Human Microbiome Research (Microbiota Lab) is a part of the Centre for Preclinical Studies and Department of Pharmacognosy and Molecular Basis of Phytotherapy MUW.  It is involved in conducting basic research and implementation work on microorganisms inhabiting various niches of the host organism - both in humans and animals. The aim of the research is to understand the physiological functions of microorganisms - mainly intestinal and skin microbiota, their involvement in the etiology and therapy of inflammatory diseases and their interaction with orally and topically ingested xenobiotics.

After the completion of the SONATINA grants competition, scientists will be able to apply for funding of projects in the SONATA competition for more experienced doctoral candidates or the SONATA BIS, which enables the creation of a new research team.

The full list of awarded projects