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English Division 2017-2018 Graduation Ceremony - Students bid farewell to their University

In an atmosphere of smiles, cheering and humming to "We Are The Champions", students of the 6-year program and Advanced MD program officially completed their medical studies at the 2nd Faculty of Medicine English Division of the Medical university of Warsaw. The graduation ceremony took place on July 4, 2018.  The host of the graduation ceremony was Prof. Marek Kuch, Dean of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine.

The academic procession of graduates and University authorities entered the auditorium to the singing of “Gauda Mater Polonia” performed by the University’s Choir.  The auditorium was packed with families and friends.  The Dean opened the ceremony by welcoming the University authorities in attendance, the honorary guest, Her Excellency Chitra Devi Ramiah, Ambassador of Malaysia to Poland, the former Dean of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Prof. Jerzy A Polański, fellow Faculty Vice-Deans, graduates and their guests. He then addressed his remarks to the graduates: “Your adventure at the Medical University of Warsaw is coming to an end, but you are also about to start a new chapter in your life.”

Dean Kuch thanked the graduates for choosing the University in Warsaw and entrusting their education to the teachers here. Then, Prof. Kuch reminded the students, with the help of Maestro Daniel Synowiec, the feelings some courses may have roused in them. “For example, anatomy may have seemed like a mission impossible," said the Dean, and Maestro Synowiec whistled the film score to “Mission Impossible.”  Histology and cytology were manifested through the James Bond theme song; dermatology, pediatrics, psychology and internal medicine as "Harry Potter"; surgery and orthopedics as "Chariots of Fire"; good times as "The Lion King", and bad times as "The Imperial March from Star Wars". "We are the Champions” reflected the completion of medical studies. The graduates joined in in singing the song’s victorious lyrics. Dean Kuch ended by wishing the graduates prosperity and much success in the future.

Vice-Rector Prof. Wojciech Braksator read a letter from the University’s Rector Prof. Mirosław Wielgosia. In his letter, His Magnificence expressed his joy that students chose to study at the Medical University of Warsaw, stressing that the authorities are taking every measure to provide students with the highest level of education, and that staff teaches not only medicine but also life skills. He also asked the graduates not to forget their Alma Mater –a recognized institution that can open many doors for them in their careers.  The Rector ended his letter with the following message: “Be bold and open-minded doctors. The future of medicine is in your hands.”

Next, the graduating medical students recited the doctor’s oath and pledged to serve humanity notwithstanding race, religious beliefs, gender or other. Then, called out by name, they approached the Dean and Vice-Rector one by one, to receive their MD diplomas. The "Golden Laureats" were awarded to Mr. Abdulalh Ayman Aman of the Advanced MD program and Ms. Nahid Rezaee of the 6-year medical program.

The 2017-2018 English Division graduating class included 70 graduates from the 6-year program and 23 from the Advanced program.  They constituted a community of international students from Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Canada and Great Britain.

In her speech, Prof. Bożena Werner, Vice-Dean of the English Division since 2012, said how much she enjoyed walking with the graduates throughout their journey in medical studies and how grateful she was to have been able to get to know them over the past six years. “As you depart with your MD degree in hand,” continued Dean Werner, “please remember that medicine is not only technology and knowledge, but also humanity and care.”  

Abdullah Ayman Aman delivered the student graduation speech. In his speech, he thanked family, friends, colleagues, mentors and “our great University” who helped along the way to their success.  Abdullah Aman also thanked Poland “for being our home“ during medical studies. He explained that “we experienced a lot of things (…)”: great times and difficult moments, and that “Experience is the best teacher.”  He went on to remind his fellow graduates some of these experiences like the first time they saw a corpes or the first time they put on a white lab coat. “By fourth year”, Abdullah Aman continued, “having started clinical classes, we realized that medicine is not just about reading and learning but it’s more. It’s about caring for a human being.” Abdullah Aman then quoted Dr. William Osler: "A good doctor treats the disease. An outstanding doctor treats a patient who is ill." To end, Abdullah Aman reminded his classmates that they are all well equipped to handle the responsibilities that come with holding an MD degree but to never stop learning. “Medicine is always being updated and advancing,” he said, “we all can and hopefully will contribute to this global improvement.”  

Justyna Pordzik, President of the English Division Student Government (EDSG) gave a second student graduation speech. She began by congratulating her colleague Abdullah Aman for achieving the highest average in the graduating class and in the history of the English Division and possibly in the Medical University of Warsaw! In addition to thanking the range of University authorities, teachers, staff, colleagues, family and friends, she underlined the importance of working together in the field of medicine. A recipient of the prestigious Diamond Grant of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Justyna Prodzik reminded her colleagues: "No matter how much knowledge you have acquired, alone, you will achieve nothing." With these words, Justyna Pordzik invited her graduating class to reach out to each other in their careers.

The ceremony ended with a lively performance by the University Choir of "New York, New York", "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" and "We Will Rock You!"  Following the exit of the academic procession, graduates posed for a last picture together throwing their grad caps in the air cheering.

Congratulations 2017-2018 English Division Graduates!

Photo by: Michał Teperek
Dział Fotomedyczny WUM

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