Sport and Recreation

The university encourages physical activity, offering its students a wide range of sporting and recreational activities. Warsaw  Medical University’s community and residents of Warsaw can use its  modern Sports and Rehabilitation Center.

The school of Physical Education and Sport

The School of Physical Education and Sport conducts physical education classes for students of the Medical University of Warsaw. The physical education program and the methods of its implementation are constantly verified and modernized on the basis of research on physical fitness and the body structure of academic youth.

Medical University of Warsaw ‘s Sports and Rehabilitation Center

The Sports and Rehabilitation Center is a modern sports facility, intended for enthusiasts of various physical activities. It is a modern complex that combines several functions: a sports, rehabilitation, didactic and research center.

Its facilities include:

A Dance hall - 126 m², with a professional wooden floor, mirrored walls, air conditioning and an audio system to which  an external sound source can be connected.

A Multifunctional sports hall - dimensions 26 x 45 x 12.5 m, total area of 1,159 m² with the possibility of dividing it into three separate training sectors. The hall is intended for team games: basketball, volleyball, indoor football, handball or tennis.

A Roof terrace - 350 m², sheltered from the sun and rain, overlooking the surrounding greenery and offering beautiful sunsets. Perfect for organizing special events.

An Olympic swimming pool - 2.0-2.1 m deep, 10 lanes 2.5 m wide, with a movable bottom, spectator seating for 670 people, a sliding platform that allows the pool to be divided into two 25-meter pools with a water temperature of 26-28 °C, swimming pool hall equipped with a training and warm-up pool with 4 lanes and a water temperature of 29 °C. Recreational activities as well as swimming lessons for adults and children, aqua aerobics and sporting competitions can all be held here.

A Martial Arts hall - 130 m², with professional mats, punching bags, throwing dummies and wooden mannequins for impact training, mirrored walls and gymnastic ladders, air conditioning and an audio system to which an external sound source can be connected.