Organisations and Associations

There are over a dozen organizations and associations at the University, as well as 270 student specialist research clubs, which enable students to pursue their passion for research and  enable them to acquire new competences.

Student Council

The Student Council is an organization which represents students of all the faculties. Its most important tasks, apart from the official ones – such as - representing students in the Senate of the Medical University of Warsaw, is the integration of the entire academic community. Members of the Council, within the framework of four Committees for: Education, Information and Promotion, Culture, Sport and Tourism, provide information and organize cultural and social events. The Council organizes the most important student events, such as the Fresher’s events, The half way Ball "Bal Połowinkowy" or the Medical universities Rag week "Medykalia". Its members also prepare Adaptation Days, Medical Powązki or the Integration Camp in Chłapowo. They also maintain contacts with theaters and cinemas, and enable the participation in numerous sporting events.

Each of the departments of the Warsaw Medical University has its own separate Council, in which all of its students are brought together:

  • Council of the Faculty of Medicine
  • Council of the Faculty of Dental Medicine
  • Council of the Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Council of the Faculty of Health Sciences

The English Division also has its own Council at Warsaw's Medical University, whose members represent students, in matters relating to their studies or social matters.

The Student’s Academic Societies

The Student’s Academic Societies (SAS) invite all academically active students, who want to expand their knowledge and present it to a wider audience, to join its ranks. The SAS organizes numerous teaching session, seminars and conferences, part finances trips to congresses, allocates funds for mini-research grants, and also mediates in the process of awarding mini-student grants. SAS associates and coordinates the activities of Student Research Clubs, and awards the SAN’s Gold Badges for graduates who were particularly involved in community and charitible activities during their studies.

Student Academic Societies

There are 270 research clubs at the University, in which students, under the supervision of employees of different specialist clinics and departments, conduct research and carry out scientific projects. Members organize conferences, symposia and workshops, take part in academic teaching camps and educational activities. SAC’s are the best place to start your adventure with research, extend your knowledge and learn new skills. SAC’s are very popular among MUW students.
List of Academic Circles

International Association of Medicine Students IFMSA-Poland

The International Association of Medicine Students IFMSA-Poland is part of the IFMSA federation - the largest student organization in the world. The main goal of IFMSA-Poland Warsaw Branch is to spread knowledge and develop the practical skills of medical students in Warsaw. IFMSA has ongoing projects in its program, e.g. internships, medical education and public health.

The Polish Society of Students of Pharmacy (PTSF)

The organization brings together over a thousand students and graduates of pharmacy from all over Poland. PTSF is a member of the European Students' Association (EPSA) and the International Federation of Students (IPSF). The aim of PTSF's activities is to support students in acquiring knowledge, offers help in entering the labor market and promote professional and social activation of pharmacists. The organization actively represents the interests of students of pharmacy both in Poland and abroad. It organizes trainings sessions, , exchanges, conferences and study programs, incl. internships.

Student Society of Laboratory Diagnosticians (STDL)

STDL’s mission is to act for the benefit of general health and the public good, guard human life and the care of those in need. Members of the organization carry out prophylactic and voluntary work and also engage in charitable activities. Students also co-organize conferences, thanks to which, they gain additional medical knowledge.

The Polish Society of Dentistry Students (PTSS)

The organization is international in its reach. PTSS organizes numerous conferences, where members can extend their knowledge and learn about new products in the field of dentistry. It also organizes training and integration trips. The Society also implements projects aimed at improving the health of Poles, through education and encouraging prophylactic care and promoting healthy lifestyles.

Erasmus Student Network(ESN MUW)

The development and support of student exchange programs is the main goal of the pan-European student organization Erasmus Student Network. ESN's activities are carried out at an international, national and local level. Students can carry out the role of mentors of foreign colleagues or organizers of events (ESN Bounce project), trips (ESN Travel), photography competitions (Discover Europe), meetings in primary schools, high schools and children’s homes (Social Erasmus).

Medical University of Warsaw’s Academic Sports Association (AZS)

The university’s AZS Club has been in operation for over 50 years. It is one of the largest sports clubs in universities in Poland, and is part of “AZS Środowiska Warszawa”. Its offers, among others the following sporting activities : sailing, badminton, swimming, judo, basketball, soccer, handball, volleyball, climbing, fitness, karate, Latin American dancing for ladies and zumba. Members of the section represent the Club during competitions, held as part of the Academic Championships of Warsaw and the Mazowieckie Voivodeship, the Polish Institutes of Higher Education Championship.

American Medical Student Association (AMSA) 

American Medical Student Association (AMSA) is the oldest and largest independent association of physicians-in-training in the United States, with a half-century history of medical student activism. Today, AMSA is a student-governed, national organization committed to representing the concerns of physicians-in-training. With a membership of more than 68000 medical students, premedical students, interns, residents and practicing physicians from across the country, AMSA continues its commitment to improving medical training and the national health.

But what exactly is AMSA? It is an organization suitable for medical students who are thinking about an internship or residency in the United States. AMSA members have an opportunity to expand their horizons, learn from the best professionals across the Atlantic and make new international friendships. With AMSA you can learn how to be an advocate for a good cause.

AMSA is an independent, global association that exists to support, inform and inspire tomorrow’s physicians. The ones committed to making the world a better place through medicine. The AMSA Annual Convention and Exposition brings together more than 1500 participants, students and professionals from around the world. During AMSA Convention you can participate in Poster session, Virtual Patient Challenge, fAMSA Exchange with plenty of discounts from our sponsors, Virtual Patient Challenge and House of Delegates. Additionally it’s all online due to pandemic.

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