Every year MUW educates over 800 students from all over the world, they gain their medical knowledge in an environment which respects cultural, racial and religious differences. This combination of different experiences, values and lifestyles creates a friendly international Academic Community at the Medical University of Warsaw.


The English Division’s Student Government

The English Division’s Students’ Council (EDS C) represents foreign students studying at MUW in contacts with the University and Faculty Authorities, helps them in matters concerning their curriculum and course of study, and integrates the international community at MUW, by building good relations and a friendly atmosphere.

The English Division’s Students' Council (EDSC  ) welcomes new students each fall with an adaptation program known as Orientation Week. First-year students can participate in information sessions, trips around the campus and Warsaw, as well participate in integration games.

Diversity x WUM

The Diversity x WUM project was created to nurture and promote diversity and enable cross-cultural friendships. It is formed by students of English Division at the Medical University of Warsaw who come from more than 70 countries around the world. Wanting to share their culture more broadly, with the support of university authorities, they organized a two-day Diversity Festival, proving that MUW is a unique multicultural and inclusive community.

Scholarships and internships abroad

The Medical University of Warsaw enables students and doctoral students to participate in : the Erasmus + program, internships abroad and offers scholarship, as well as enabling participate in the most important international research projects. Such possibilities give students a chance to gain new experience and therefore, be better prepared for their future careers.

Medical University of Warsaw’s Development Foundation offers scholarships which students can compete for. These are placements in and are aimed at improving skills and supplementing knowledge in the field of new research, therapeutic and diagnostic techniques.

English Language Summer School

Every year, the Center of Foreign Languages at the Medical University of Warsaw  runs an English Language Summer school. The classes are designed to help students develop all their language skills - speaking, listening, reading and writing, to improve their knowledge of grammar and  the language functions needed in life at English universities and in business contacts. Courses can include specialized modules such as Business, Medical, Legal or Technical English etc.

Polish Language and Culture Summer School

The Center of Foreign Languages at the Medical University of Warsaw organizes a Polish language and Culture Summer School for foreign students. The courses are intended for students interested in learning the Polish language. In addition to helping to develop all the language skills, classes help in learning grammar and language specifically  needed in life at Polish universities and in business contacts. In addition during the course, students have the opportunity to learn about Polish history, literature, film, theater, art and music, and visit important places of Polish culture, such as the National Art Gallery or the National Museum.

Premed College

The Medical University of Warsaw offers a preparation program for future medical students. The Medical School Preparation Program (MSPP) consists of an intensive English language course and a Polish language course followed by preparatory courses in biology, anatomy, physics and chemistry. The courses are run by lecturers from our University and outside specialists.