The Medical University of Warsaw  offers over 600 places in its university halls of residence and provides a wide choice of gastronomic facilities on the different campuses

Halls of residence:


Students House nr. 1 - located in Wola, on Batalionu Pięść Street Nr. 9

Students House nr. 2 and nr. 2 "BIS" - located in Wola, on Karolkowa Street Nr. 84 

Halls of residents - “Sarna” and “Rogaś” located in Bemowo, on Konarskiego street Nr. 4a



Banacha Campus:

  • Caffedra Medica in the Teaching Center on level 0
  • Buffet "Aquarium" on level -1 in the Children's Hospital Clinical - Józefa Polikarp Brudzińskiego (University Clinical Center of the Warsaw Medical University)
  • Buffet "Uzdrowisko" on the ground floor of the building of the Central Clinical Hospital (University Clinical Center of the Warsaw Medical University)
  • La Vittoria - Bistro Pizza Café on the 1st floor of the Sports and Rehabilitation Center

On the premises of the Banacha Campus, on level -1 in the Didactic Center of the Medical University of Warsaw, there is also a modern Student Relaxation Zone, where under-graduates and PhD students can heat their own meals and make coffee and tea.


The Lindleya Campus:

  • Bar in the Medyk Coffee Shop
  • "Pod Chochelką" Bar at the Dziciątka Jezus Hospital

Off campus:

  • Buffet in the  Ks. Anna Mazowiecka Clinical Hospital