Incubator for MUW and UW Communities

The UW Incubator is a place that brings together students and faculty members from across UW and MUW. It is a space where people with a different way of thinking, full of passion and interests, open to new challenges, transform their knowledge and experience into real and practical action. The participants of the Incubator are motivated to gain new competences in order to change their situation by implementing their own projects and ideas.


The IUW team strives to ensure that the topics and challenges addressed by its participants respond to the real economic and social challenges. It provides participants with the necessary infrastructure and support to develop ideas through opportunities to work with trainers, business practitioners and university academic staff. The UW Incubator helps representatives of the UW and MUW Communities to implement original projects, to create innovation and to develop entrepreneurial attitudes.


The Incubator offers its participants:

Support of original student projects, including: a path dedicated to people with their own ideas for business, scientific or social projects, looking for a solid dose of knowledge or mentoring, which will allow for their implementation.

As part of the support of original student projects, it offers:

  • Consultation - initial start-up support, constant monitoring of the student's project progress
  • Starter – program for people with an idea for a project, mentoring program combined with e-learning
  • Brave Camp – a week-long entrepreneurship academy for people with a business idea who already have a pre-designed solution


Supporting the emergence of innovation, including: a design path to support the creation of innovation by the academic community, inspiring it with real social and economic problems and enabling interdepartmental and interuniversity integration.

To support the emergence of innovations, the Incubator offers:

  • Innohub and creative tournaments - weekend events where students paired up in interdisciplinary teams work together to develop solutions to a topic given in the program. The entire event is moderated by experts and practitioners of conducting creative processes as well as potential target groups that may become beneficiaries of the solutions.
  • Innovation Incubator – acceleration program - recruitment of innovative ideas among the UW and MUW community from the area assigned in the given edition and equipping participants with specific knowledge and tools in the field of startup building methods, internet marketing, sales, legal aspects and investor presentations. The best projects are given the opportunity to win a grant, which they can use to create a prototype or pilot solution.


Developing entrepreneurial attitudes - activity aimed at developing broadly understood entrepreneurial attitudes, both soft competencies and digital or technical knowledge or skills.

Within the framework of developing entrepreneurial attitudes, the Incubator offers:

  • Warsztaty otwarte -  3-hour meetings on selected topics in the area of business management, soft skills, digital or technical skills, led by experts and practitioners in the form of online workshops
  • Akademie - 6-week academies for developing leadership skills, building knowledge about running one's own business in a chosen industry, legal or accounting aspects, marketing and promotion,
  • Extensive inspirational activities such as: networking meetings (pizza events), webinars and conferences (Idea Mixer), inspirational interviews (podcast: "Entrepreneurship on the wire").


For the UW and WUM community, all of the Incubator's offerings are free.

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