MINIATURA 8 for research on the effect of breast milk composition on infant sleep quality

The National Science Center has announced the second ranking list of the MINIATURA 8 competition. Among the 53 winners was Agnieszka Bzikowska-Jura, MD, PhD, from the Department of Medical Biology. Our researcher has received funding in the amount of PLN 48,529 for the preliminary/pilot study "Breast milk composition and sleep quality of exclusively breastfed infants." The study will include 50 women in the second month of lactation, exclusively breastfeeding. The data obtained will allow analysis of the influence of maternal and environmental factors on the content of selected components of breast milk.

In the milk samples collected, the profile of essential amino acids and monoamines, energy value and macronutrient content will be determined. Leptin and ghrelin concentrations will also be analyzed. Sleep quality will be assessed using the validated BISQ-E questionnaire. Women participating in the study will also be asked to complete nutritional questionnaires.

MINIATURA is a competition in which scientists with a doctoral degree, working in Polish scientific units, can apply for funding of between PLN 5,000 and PLN 50,000 for the implementation of a single scientific activity. The implementation of an activity under MINIATURA is intended to help prepare the assumptions of a research project, funding for which can then be applied for in the NCN competition, other national or international competitions.