“All you need is love”. Graduation ceremony for English Division graduates

Seventy-five young people, dressed in academic togas and with graduate caps on their heads, came to the Royal Castle to celebrate obtaining the title of doctor together. The hosts of the ceremony were the authorities of the Faculty of Medicine, who bid farewell to their graduates with undisguised pride. There were a lot of warm words and important hints for the future, because now before the graduates is a whole new adventure in the medical world. And all over the world, as this year's English Division graduates come from 30 countries.

The ceremony took place on June 24. The guests were welcomed by Prof. Rafal Krenke, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine. The graduates received their diplomas surrounded by their families and friends, as well as the rector's authorities, representatives of the university's academic community and invited guests.

How to become a good doctor

Congratulations and best wishes were extended to the graduates by Rector Professor Zbigniew Gaciong. He expressed confidence that they are well prepared for the challenges that will come in their professional lives, and gave the graduates two important pieces of advice that may help them become good doctors.

- If you want to be a good doctor, keep in mind that this is a 7-day-a-week  24-hour-a-day job - said the rector - This is not a job that you can ‘lock behind the door’ and stop doing. You must constantly challenge yourself, question your diagnoses, think about the decisions you have made.

According to the Rector, it is also important to remember that the treatment of a disease is not always successful. Every doctor will encounter difficulties, failures and face human suffering on his or her way, which he or she will have to deal with.

- You cannot remain indifferent to these feelings, and unfortunately, but some of them must remain in you. This is part of your job - the Rector stressed.

Hard work, determination and good cooperation

- Is 6 years a lot or not long enough? - the Dean Professor Rafal Krenke asked the graduates - 6 years is almost 8% of the average life expectancy. And your last 6 years have been extremely busy and challenging in terms of learning medicine. Therefore, the time you have spent at the university should be truly appreciated.

The Dean emphasized that today's success of the graduates is the result of hard work and determination, on which he congratulated them immensely. But also due to the support they received from their families and friends. And something else.

- I firmly believe that cooperation, support and mutual understanding between students and academic teachers have also been important factors contributing to your success - the Dean said - I emphasize this because I firmly believe that cultivating high standards of behavior and building strong and appropriate interpersonal relationships are among the most important tasks of any university. Because the study years are not just about learning and acquiring professional skills, but are also a school of adulthood, of mutual interactions, of getting to know yourself and others.

Presentation of diplomas and acknowledgements

- As teachers we are proud of your achievements, you are now ambassadors of our university, carrying its values to the world. May your careers be marked by success, fulfillment and a deep sense of purpose - emphasized Jacek Sieńko, MD, PhD, Vice Dean for Student Affairs of the English Division.

The Vice Dean read out the words of the medical oath. The graduates vowed, among other things, to fulfill all the duties imposed by law, to uphold the dignity of the doctor, to help those who suffer without distinction.

The graduates received their diplomas from the hands of the Rector and Dean. Several were honored with additional awards.

  • A special award for promoting diversity and inclusivity as well as creating the Diversity X WUM project went to Pratheeba Kumaravel;
  • The Golden Graduate Laurel for the highest average obtained during the course of study was awarded to Ishani Khanna;
  • The “golden badge” of the Student Scientific Society MUW for scientific activity was awarded to Ishani Khanna and Pratheeba Kumaravel;
  •  An award from the IFMSA-Poland Warsaw Branch for special contributions to the organization was given to Pratheeba Kumaravel, Shivani Vethaguru and Elizabet Yel;
  • Special thanks from the faculty went to Catherine Gartside, Rakesh Roshan and Ishani Khanna for their activities in the English Division student government.

“6 years ago...” moving speeches by female graduates

Graduation speeches are a traditional part of every graduation ceremony. They are always full of positive emotions, memories of the past and reflections on what lies ahead.

- Six years ago we came to Warsaw from different parts of the world, and together we shared countless moments of joy, laughter, and sometimes - during exams - even tears - said Ishani Khanna, and turning to her colleagues, she added: - I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to meet all of you.

- Six years ago, nervous and excited, we entered the Didactic Center for the first time to begin our adventure in medicine. And although we came from different parts of the world, we all had the same dream: to become doctors one day - Catherine Gartside emphasized - Let us take on the new challenges ahead of us with the same passion and dedication that brought us to this place today. Let us strive for medical excellence and, most importantly, let us never lose sight of the privilege we have been given, which is the opportunity to treat and help others.

All you need is love

The graduation, which was full of positive impressions, ended with a speech by Tomasz Dzierżanowski, MD, PhD, Head of the Department of Palliative Medicine MUW, and also an academic teacher.

Tomasz Dzierżanowski, MD, PhD, quoted words he heard from his mentor while finishing his studies: “May you burn as a doctor.”

- I wish you to “burn as doctors” but don't burn yourself out - said Tomasz Dzierżanowski, MD, PhD - This is possible, thanks to a special force you have in your heart, the inexhaustible fuel: love. Love your patients, love yourself, love others. All you need is love.


The graduation ceremony culminated with a recital performed by Agata Galik-Sosnowska and Sylwia Knap, while the sealing was the throwing of graduate caps and a commemorative photo of the graduates.

In addition to those mentioned, the diploma awarding ceremony was attended: by Prof. Paweł Włodarski, Vice Rector for International Relations, Development and Promotion, Prof. Mariusz Gujski, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Ewa Czochrowska, MD, PhD, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Maciej Dawidowski, MD, PhD, Vice Chairman of the Pharmaceutical Sciences Discipline Council, Vice Deans of the Faculty of Medicine: Prof. Aneta Nitsch-Osuch, Prof. Tadeusz Grochowiecki, Łukasz Koperski, MD, PhD, Prof. Bożena Werner, former Vice Dean of the English Department of the Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Marta Kijak-Bloch, Chancellor of MUW, as well as representatives of the Malaysian Embassy, students - members of faculty self-governments and student organizations, families and friends of the graduates.

Finally, the Dean thanked the Head of the Dean's Office of the English Division, Krystyna Jarząb, for organizing the diploma awarding ceremony, and the students who helped with it: Catherine Gartside, Ishani Khanna, Sanarya Al. Kharsan, Mohamed Osama Barakat, Yael Efrati, Mayan Tahan, Ayushi Tiwari, Elma Nasima.

Musical accompaniment - the song "Gaude Mater Polonia," the university's anthem "Medicine," and the song "Gaudeamus Igitur" - was provided by the Choir of the Warsaw Medical University, conducted by Daniel Synowiec.


 We encourage you to watch a short video report from the ceremony