A review of "Phage Therapy: A Practical Approach" published in a prestigious international periodical

“Lancet Infectious Diseases”, the world's leading magazine on infectious diseases (IF = 24,446), published, in its May Issue, a review of the book titled "Phage Therapy: A Practical proach", edited by scientists associated with the Medical University of Warsaw: Prof. Andrzej Górski, Ryszard  Międzybrodzki and Jan Borysowski. The review called "Bringing phage therapy soon to a clinic near you” was written by Stephen T. Abendon – an acknowledged expert in this field.

“Phage Therapy: A Practical proach" contains 16 chapters prepared by international experts, including representatives of the European Medicines Agency (EMA), Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and National Institutes of Health (NIH). The book was published by Springer Nature Switzerland AG .
In his review of the book, professor Abendon emphasizes that even though in recent years  there was a vast amount of volumes on various aspects of phage and phage therapy published, this publication presents the bigger picture focusing primarily on practical aspects of phage therapy and how it can be implemented in everyday practice.

He states that:

“The monograph overall provides a wealth of information useful to those with an interest in motivating phage therapy forward”.

Despite various difficulties accompanying the development of phage therapy, the reviewer, is extremely optimistic about its prospects.

The text recommends the book as an important guide for physicians-practitioners interested in the wide application of this therapy:

“Thus, there is promising utility to practicing phage therapy, and this book should serve practitioners as an important guide towards bringing phage therapy to a clinic near you soon”.

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