MUW's Editors' Club Magazines Listed in the Journal Citation Report

The latest edition of the Journal Citation Reports (JRC) database includes chief editors of Medical University of Warsaw (MUW) Editors' Club periodicals. The MUW Editors' Club was founded in 2016.

The JCR is a comprehensive resource that allows readers to evaluate and compare journals - their substantive quality and impact strength in the scientific world, using citation data drawn from scholarly and technical journals from publishers in over 80 countries. It is the only source of citation data on journals, and includes almost all areas of science, technology, and social sciences.

MUW Editor's Club periodicals listed in the JRC ranking include:

  • "Leukemia” (Associate Editor - prof. Mariusz Ratajczak, categories - Hematology, Oncology)
  • "Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology” (Associate Editor - Prof. Lidia Rudnicka, category - Dermatology)
  • “Stem Cell Reviews and Reports” (Editor-in-Chief  - Prof. Mariusz Ratajczak, category - Medicine, Research & Experimental)
  • “European Journal of Clinical Investigation” (Section Editor - Marcin Krawczyk, PhD, category - Medicine, General & Internal)

The scientific journals listed above belong to the Editor's Club and have been ranked as  leaders in their scientific fields in the first quarter (Q1).  

The JRC ranking also included the periodical "Archivum Immunologiae et Therapiae Experimentalis" which is led by Prof. Andrzej Górski, who is associated with MUW, and placed third in the JCR ranking among the 143 Polish scientific journals listed in the JRC. The journal has a IF of 3,200.

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