Class of 2019 English Division Graduation

On July 3, Graduates of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine English Division received their MD diploma.  Ninety six students graduated from the 6-year program and twenty two from the Advanced program.  The new young MDs came from, amongst other countries, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Australia, Great Britain and Malaysia.

As per tradition, the Graduation Ceremony began with the University Choir singing the Gaude Mater Polonia hymn and University anthem.

Prof. Marek Kuch, Dean of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine, first greeted the Graduates, their families and friends.  Next, Prof. Kuch welcomed the University’s Authorities: Prof. Jadwiga Turło, Deputy Rector for Science and Technology Transfer; Prof. Wojciech Braksator, Deputy Rector for Clinical Affairs and Investments; Prof. Krzysztof J. Filipiak, Deputy Rector for Internationalization, Promotion and Development; as well as, Faculty Deans Prof. Paweł Włodarski, Dean of the 1st Faculty of Medicine; Prof. Elżbieta Mierzwińska-Nastalska, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry; Prof. Piotr Małkowski, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences;  Piotr Luliński, PhD, Vice Dean for Internationalization and Development at the Faculty of Pharmacy; Prof. Bożena Werner, Vice Dean of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine English Division, and Dariusz Białoszewski, PhD, Vice Dean of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine Physiotherapy Division.

The Dean also welcomed honorary guests: the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, H.E. Mohamed Hussain Madani; the Military Attaché of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Mr. Abdurahman Suliman; Dr. Moneer Alotaibi from the Saudi Culture Bureau in Berlin; the First Secretary of the Embassy of Malaysia, Mrs. Nur Azura Abdul Karim; and the Counselor for Science, Technology and Education of the Embassy of People's Republic of China Embassy, Mr. Jiang Sudong accompanied by Mr. Tony Guo.

In his address to the Graduates, Dean Kuch reminded them of their journey through medical school from Anatomy to the History of Medicine, and Clinical Pharmacology to Surgery and the many friendships made along the way.  “I hope,” he said, “that you will remember these memories with joy.”  The Dean also asked that the new MDs never forget the canon of Medicine and medical ethics which they learned at the Medical University of Warsaw.  In closing, Prof. Kuch expressed his confidence that a great future awaits each 2019 Graduate. 

A letter from the Rector was then read by Prof. Turło.  In his letter, His Magnificence called the Graduation Ceremony a significant moment for not only the Graduates but also for their families who believed in them from the beginning and supported them throughout their medical studies. The Rector also said that the Graduation ceremony is the beginning of their professional career which, on the one hand. will be full of challenges, demanding tasks, some achievements, some failures, new experiences and, on the other hand, a boring routine and daily grind.  “These are the bright and dark sides of a doctor's work,” said the Rector, then added, “a good doctor is one who feels satisfied in all areas of life.”  The Rector also congratulated Dean Kuch and the English Division which has been offered by the University since 1993.  He reminded the Graduates that their MD diploma is recognized all around the world.  The Rector ended his letter wishing the Graduates much success in their personal and professional lives.

The Deputy Dean of the English Division, Prof. Werner, then took the floor and delivered a warm speech congratulating the Graduates on their achievements and encouraged them to be open, to never stop learning and to keep asking questions.  Dean Kuch presented Prof. Werner with flowers thanking her for the last ten years as Deputy Dean of the English Division.

Following these speeches, the Graduation Ceremony proceeded with the recitation of the doctor’s oath and conferment of diplomas by Vice Rector Prof. Turło and Dean Kuch.  The "Golden Laureats" were presented to Omar Sahab Alrashioli of the 6-year program and Mide Clare Duff of the 4-year program in recognition for their top marks.  In his speech, Mr Alrashioli, MD, thanked not only his family for their support but also his home country and government of Saudi Arabia without which medical studies at MUW would not have been possible.  Ms Duff, MD, had tears come out during her speech while expressing her gratitude towards her family, friends and MUW for the opportunity and support in studying medicine.

One more Graduate was recognized during the ceremony,  Mr Alexander Woltersom, MD.  He received the “Golden Award” from the Student Scientific Society.

Next the audience was entertained by Ms Jacqueline Eleonora Ek, MD, and Mr Magnus Lund Roer, MD, who gave a humorous account of their days as medical students of the English Division.  Ms Ek, MD, spoke as a representative of the English Division Student Government (EDSG) and Mr Roer as a representative of ANSA (the Association of Norwegian Students Abroad).

As the Graduation Ceremony drew to a close, the University Choir, under the direction of Mr Daniel Synowiec, performed a beautiful interpretation of "New York, New York", ”Moon River” and “We are the Champions” in acapella style. The ceremony ended with the traditional student hymn "Gaudeamus Igitur" and commemorative photo taken of the 2019 Graduating Class throwing their graduation caps in the air.


Translation: Delfina Święćkowska
Department of International Relations, Development and Promotion

Photo by: Michał Teperek
MUW Medical Photo Department