Our successes

Studenci WUM w gronie laureatów na międzynarodowej konferencji studenckiej
Nine English Division students of the Faculty of Medicine presented their original research papers at the 30th International Medical Students' Conference. Five of them: Disha Keshwani, Mohammed Sameh, Ishani Khanna, Olivia Gudziewski, and Srishti Bhagat won in their respective theme sessions.

The award winners are: Dr Elżbieta Niemczyk-Cieślak, Dr Agnieszka Jasińska-Nowacka and Dr Tomasz Wojciechowski. The award is given by the Polish Society of Otorhinolaryngologists, Head and Neck Surgeons. It is awarded to authors of the best original papers in the field of otorhinolaryngology.

Prof. Anna Kostera-Pruszczyk
The Council is an auxiliary body of the Ministry of Health. She was appointed on 26 May this year, and her term of office will last until 31 December 2023. The professor will serve as deputy chairman.
badania w laboratorium
The competition is organized by the National Science Centre. Grants will be awarded to 589 projects, two of which are the work of scientists from our university: Dr. Ceren Eyileten-Postuła and Dr. Piotr Regulski. WUM is also a partner in a co-financed project by the Medical University of Gdańsk.
Successful treatments of transcatheter valve regurgitation using the edge-to-shore method
Specialists from the I Department and Clinic of Cardiology of the Medical University of Warsaw successfully treated three severe cases of isolated trigeminal regurgitation using a new device designed for these procedures.
Powołani konsultanci
Five doctors associated with our University received from the hands of the Mazovia Province Governor - Konstanty Radziwill acts of appointment for the position of regional medical consultants. The handing over ceremony was held on May 19. In total, the governor announced five new consultants and handed out nine acts extending the term of office.
prof. Grzegorz Opolski
The Medal of Honor is the highest distinction of the Heart Rhythm Section of the Polish Cardiac Society. Prof. Opolski from the 1st Chair and Department of Cardiology UCC MUW, its long-standing head, was awarded for his contribution to the development of electrophysiology and electrotherapy in Poland. In particular, for the determination to make cardiology a basic specialization, which enabled the education of new medical students, increased the number of cardiology specialists and significantly improved the quality of cardiac care in Poland. And also for building the brand of the 1st Chair and Department of Cardiology at MUW.
Studencki Nobel
The 13th edition of the contest is underway. The finalists in particular fields have just been selected. In the Medicine and Pharmacy category, the top ten went to Tomasz Grzywa and Przemysław Kasiak from MUW.
Wynalazki WUM nagrodzone na XV edycji targów INTARG
Three inventions of the scientific teams from our University were awarded during the 15th International Invention and Innovation Show INTARG. Two gold medals, one silver and two special awards are the balance of the MUW participation in the event. The international jury appreciated the innovations taking into account their level of novelty, market demand for the product, comparison with global counterparts and level of sophistication.
lekarze, praca badawcza
The FNP has announced the results of the START 2022 scholarship program. This year's competition received 794 nominations. One hundred have been selected. Among them were four young scientists from our University: Klaudyna Fidyt, PhD Eng., Dr. Łukasz Milanowski, Tomasz Grzywa and Jan Szczypiński.