Our successes

Warzywa i owoce - ważne w diecie zdrowych i chorych
Everyone knows that they are healthy and should be eaten 4-5 times a day, but few follow this rule. During the 13th Warsaw Days of Human Nutrition Science, experts argued that vegetables and fruits are fundamental in the diet. They are especially recommended for people suffering from obesity, diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia.
Remember about Movember. Exhibition promoting men's preventive screenings available to be visited again!
Nowotwór jądra atakuje młodych – szczególne zagrożenie stanowi dla mężczyzn z wieku 15–35 lat. Dlatego kolejny raz IFMSA-Poland Oddział Warszawa zorganizowała w Centrum Dydaktycznym niezwykłą wystawę składającą się z kilkunastu skanów preparatów histopatologicznych. Jej główny cel to jest podniesienie świadomości na temat profilaktyki nowotworów jąder i prostaty. Bo jak mówią organizatorzy edukacja na ten temat jest wciąż bardzo potrzebna. Nawet wśród studentów uczelni medycznej.
Specialists of the year 2021. Among them - employees of the WUM
Eight specialists from our university on 5 November received congratulatory letters from the hands of Deputy Minister of Health Piotr Bromber for the highest results in the specialisation exam they obtained in 2021. A total of 67 physicians, 9 laboratory diagnosticians, 8 physiotherapists, 1 pharmacist and 15 people representing other medical professions were awarded the title of Specialist of the Year 2021.
prof. Mariusz Gujski
Over 360 experts from all around the world, including the representatives of health care, science, government and non-governmental organisations have participated in a study carried out using the Delphi method. It aimed to develop joint recommendations allowing to protect ourselves – at global scale – against the COVID-19 pandemic without increasing the social burdens. 41 theses and 57 recommendations were issued in result.
dr Antonina Doroszewska
The campaign was launched on October 27. Its goal is to draw attention to the fact that patients do not cancel appointments they cannot attend. MUW supports the campaign, and our Medical Center is participating in it.
Experts on the most cutting-edge methods of treating pain. Conference at the MUW
Our University hosted the 6th International Conference on Interventional Pain Medicine & Neuromodulation together with workshops. It saw the participation of 70 specialists from 16 countries.
Unveiling of the commemorative plaque of Prof. Eugeniusz Spiechowicz
His students emphasize that he was not only an outstanding dentist, but also a very hard-working, warm and kind person. A plaque dedicated to the memory of Prof. Spiechowicz was hung in the corridor of the Department of Dental Prosthodontics at the University Dental Center (UCS).
Ukrainian PhD student has received an NCN grant and will carry out a project in the Microbiota Lab
Inna Vlasova was among 22 winners of a fellowship competition for early career scientists from Ukraine. As part of the project, she will test whether the tannins in fava bean pods can have a beneficial effect on the intestines in piglets.
Why study at MUW? Meeting with young people in New York
200-year tradition, high level of education, practical classes for students in the largest teaching hospitals, huge scientific potential. These are just some of the advantages of our university, which were presented by MUW representatives at the Polish Universities Fair in New York.
We know the results of the Medical Final Examination. Our students and graduates performed perfectly
This is an extremely important exam for young doctors, as it gives them the full right to practice medicine in Poland. We are proud to announce that in the last - autumn - exam session, students and graduates from MUW ranked among the best passers.