Our successes

NN Four people are standing in front of a banner with the logos of the Warsaw Medical University. Three women and a man. All of them are wearing elegant clothes. Two women are holding navy blue briefcases with the WUM logo
So far, the program has included three Warsaw high schools. Two more have just joined: the XXVII Tadeusz Czacki High School and the XL Stefan Żeromski High School with Bilingual Branches.
A smartly dressed man stands behind a lectern and speaks into a microphone. In the background behind him is a screen - a telescreen with the name of the conference.
Twelve thematic sessions, more than 100 lectures, workshops, but above all, a group of distinguished experts in vascular surgery from around the world shared their experiences during the XIII International Scientific and Training Conference of the Polish Society for Vascular Surgery held at MUW.
On the tables lie phantoms and equipment for monitoring breathing exercises on the phantoms.
On September 16 and 17, the Medical Simulation Center MUW hosted a course on difficult airway management - Guy's & Banacha Advanced Airway Management Course. The event was organized jointly with a team from Guy's St Thomas' in London.
A young girl nurse leans over a woman sitting in a wheelchair. In the back is a man in an orange T-shirt.
The prestigious WorldSkills competition, the largest in Europe, has ended. Our student Magdalena Szymańska competed in the "Healthcare" category, nota bene the winner of WorldSkills Poland in the same category.

A group of young people standing with diplomas, flowers. Behind them a screen displaying the name Bravecamp
The BraveCamp is an initiative organized by the University of Warsaw Incubator. It is attended by MUW and UW students who want to develop their business idea and gain additional competencies in the broad field of entrepreneurship. The 10th anniversary edition attracted 21 participants, including six from our university. Four of them qualified for the grand finale, which took place on September 1. Medical student Szymon Hajduk won a special prize for his design of an application to help infertile men monitor and control the therapeutic process.
Slide from the presentation
The study was conducted at the 1st Department of Cardiology MUW, and the results were announced at the just-concluded congress of the European Society of Cardiology.
On the right the emblem of Poland and the inscription of the Ministry of Education and Science. On the left a picture of a hand holding two test tubes.
One project from our university has been qualified for funding. Its leader is Professor Artur Stolarczyk, head of the Department of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation. The topic: Popularization of science on the example of connective tissue destruction in a diabetic animal model.
Woman breastfeeding
At the Medical Center MUW, specialists will help young mothers who have trouble breastfeeding. You can already sign up for consultations at the newly established clinic.
Graphics in pink and purple tones. Piano and score.
The International Symposium on Performance Science 2023 was held at MUW, and 190 delegates - both directly and remotely - from more than 30 countries around the world attended this unique event.
Human hand holding modern laboratory pipette
Funding in the amount of PLN 897,984 was awarded under the just concluded SONATINA 7 competition of the National Science Center. The project leader is Dr. Marcin Równicki of the Environmental Microbiota Lab. The project will focus on survival of uropathogenic Escherichia coli, that is, cells that enter a dormant state and survive antibiotic treatment. This phenomenon is called antibiotic tolerance. Researchers are interested in how these cells emerge from their dormant state. The results of the study may in the future help treat and combat chronic urinary tract infections.