Course Catalogues

Course Catalogues:

6-year Medical Program in English 

5-year Program of Dentistry in English

5-year Program of Pharmacy 
Faculty of Pharmacy offers research-oriented master programs for talented and motivated international exchange students who are interested in pharmaceutical science in all its facets. For details of the master programs please visit Pharmacy projects.    


Programs delivered in the Polish language:





HEALTH SCIENCES: Nursing, Public Health, Dietetics, Midwifery, Emergency Medicine 

Information for the exchange students willing to study at the Medical University of Warsaw for one or two semesters is provided by the INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS OFFICE.

NOTE: To receive full credit and a grade, students are obliged to fulfill the reqirements (including final exams) stated in the Study Regulations.

NOTE: Due to clinics commitment in the didactic process, clerkships and clinical rotations are unavilable during the whole didactic period.

NOTE: In addition to the online course application (Learning Agreeemnt), each exchange student creates his/her individual course timetable. The individual course timetables are prepared according to the timetables which are sent to the exchange students by email before beginning of the semester. The indiv. timetable is a basic tool to apply for particular courses at the departments responsible for teaching. Therefore, the proposed study program (Learning Agreement) is approved provisionally before arrival in Warsaw due to possible modifications caused by overlaps, unavailability of courses etc. In this case the student has to consult the coordinator of home university about necessary Changes to Learning Agreement. The final appoval of the plan of study is based on acceptance/refusal of the department responsible for teaching.

The number of study groups ranges between 1 and 5 depending on the course and program of study. Please be aware that it affects also the number of available places for exchange students.