CEEPUS Programme

The Medical University of Warsaw is involved in CEEPUS (Central European Exchange Programme for University Studies) in the Network: “New technologies in the undergraduate and postgraduate education of medical biochemists” coordinated by the University of Zagreb.

Other participants:

  •     Medical University – Sofia
  •     University of Graz
  •     University of Zagreb
  •     University of Rijeka
  •     Charles University in Prague
  •     University of Szeged
  •     University of Pécs
  •     University of Ljubljana

The Programme includes joint scientific research projects, carrying out part of the research work towards a diploma, a masters or doctoral thesis, and practical trainings during the exchange of students and academic teachers.

Central European Exchange Program of University Studies is the way toward rapid coordination of all European standards and a convergence of teaching programs which should contribute to greater uniformity of University education of medical biochemists (clinical biochemists). CEEPUS program also makes it possible during the study period to realize ideas on sharing responsibility among biomedical professions for the benefit of the patient.

Web site: www.ceepus.info


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