Mission and values

"Saluti Publicae"

The Medical University of is guided by the principles of freedom of teaching, research and artistic creativity.

The University is a community of students, teaching staff and other employees of the University, which strives to achieve the highest level of education in medical professions, scientific research, and providing highly specialized health services.

The University's activity is based on university traditions and universal values, in particular respect for individual rights, pursuit of truth, respect for knowledge, skills and reliability. In scientific research, the University adheres to the principles of good clinical and pharmaceutical practice.

Every student and employee of the Medical University of Warsaw participates in the University's activities on an equal footing, irrespective of race and origin, religion, gender and political views.

The Medical University of Warsaw is convinced that education should have an international dimension and be based on common educational standards and the exchange of scientific thought between universities and scientific institutions in AROUND the world.

In implementing its mission, the University cooperates with state and local government authorities, other Polish and foreign universities, as well as with organizations dedicated to scientific, didactic, health and protection of life activities.

The Medical University of Warsaw observes the principle of non-discrimination policy as to students, PhD students, unenrolled students of postgraduate studies and training courses. The MUW promotes, maintains and takes care of the observance of this principle by entire academic environment of the Medical University of Warsaw as well as by its employees.

The Medical University of Warsaw observes the principle of non-discrimination policy in particular for reasons of gender, age, disability, race, religion, nationality, political beliefs, ethnic origin, sexual orientation.

Principle of non-discrimination policy observed by the Medical University of Warsaw is defined in details by the order of the Rector of the MUW.

According to the constitutional principle of equality the Medical University of Warsaw assumes that everyone shall have the right to be treated equally and nobody can be discriminated in political, social and economic life for any reason.


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