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The Warsaw Alumni Association is an organization of former students and graduates of the Medical University of Warsaw and other tertiary medical schools active before its establishment, i.e. the Faculties of Medicine and Pharmacy at Warsaw University, Medical Officer Cadet School, Institute of Dentistry, Academy of Dentistry, Cladestine Warsaw University and Jan Zaorski’s Vocational School for Sanitary Personnel.

The aim of the Warsaw Alumni Association is to develop and maintain closer links between the MUW and its graduates, including those living in other parts of Poland and abroad. It provides different ways in which fellow students and lecturers can keep in touch and maintain an active interest and involvement in the MUW affairs.

There are three categories of membership: ordinary, honorary and supporting. Ordinary members are accepted upon submission of a declaration; honorary members are accepted by resolution of the Board. Sponsors, i.e. individuals, institutions and organizations willing to support the Alumni Association by funding its activities, publishing and in any other form may become supporting members.

The Warsaw Alumni Association
7, Złota Str., Warsaw
tel: +48 22 827 28 64

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