On-line application and application procedure for exchange students


The on-line application for the summer semester 2019/2020 will be open between 25.10.2019 - 25.11.2019.

The one for the winter semester has been closed.


IMPORTANT: We have noticed a problem with sending emails to HOTMAIL domain. The MUW server has no influence on the issue. For proper communication with the International Relations Office we encourage you to use another email domain! 

The obligatory ON-LINE APPLIACTION consists of:

  • online registration (Application form) - the same for all faculties
  • online course application for: Medical Students (Learning Agreement for Medicine) , Dentistry Students ( Learning Agreement for Dentistry)  and Pharmacy Students (Learning Agreement for Pharmacy)
  • preparation of the individual course timetable


Before completing this application, please read the following information carefully.

It is obligatory for all exchange students (Erasmus, CEEPUS, bilateral agreement, freemover) to register by filling in the online registration. However, the second step, the online course application is mandatory only for those students who apply for the medical, dentistry English Division courses or Pharmacy research projects.  

Students of Nursing, Midwifery, Electoradiology, Public Health, Dietetics and Physiotherapy, should use the paper version of the Learning Agreement after completing the online registration – see section 1).  

Please note that only students who have been nominated by the home university can apply throughout the online application! All other applications will be rejected from the system!

Medicine and Dentistry

There are two medical programmes conducted in English: 6-year and Advanced Medical program. Before entering the online course application make sure you got acquainted with the programmes of study given on the university web page:

6-year programme: http://2wl.wum.edu.pl/en/6-year-program/program-study

Curriculum 6-year programme description: http://2wl.wum.edu.pl/en/english-division/curriculum/curriculum-6-year-…

Advanced Medical Program (former 4-year programme): http://2wl.wum.edu.pl/en/4-year-program/program-study

Curriculum AM Programme description: http://2wl.wum.edu.pl/en/english-division/curriculum/curriculum-4-year-…

English Dentistry Division programme description: http://wld.wum.edu.pl/en/english-dentistry-division/plan-studies

The programmes of study taught in English in some common parts are also accessible for exchange students of pharmacy and physiotherapy, if needed. Moreover, courses can be chosen from different years of study. Although only courses that exist in the semester of the planned exchange can be chosen. Therefore, Winter semester students are not allowed to take courses held in the Full Academic Year or in the Summer semester.

Since students of the exchange programmes join the already existing groups of students, the number of available places per course is limited.

NOTE: To receive full credit and a grade, students are obliged to fulfill the reqirements (including final exams) stated in the Rules of Studies of the Medical University of Warsaw. Rules of Studies - an extract

NOTE: Due to the clinics commitment in the didactic process, clerkships/clinical rotations/traineeships are impossible during the whole academic year.   

NOTE: In addition to the Learning Agreeemnt, after being accepted, each exchange student creates his/her individual timetable where selects courses again. It is the 3rd step of the application. The individual timetable of the medical students is prepared according to the English Division timetables which are sent to the exchange students by email before beginning of the semester. Some modifications of the learning agreement caused by overlaps, unavailability of courses etc. may be required. In this case the student has to consult the coordinator of home university regarding necessary Changes to Learning Agreement. The final approval of the plan of study is made based on acceptance/refusal of the department responsible for teaching.


5-year Program of Pharmacy is English

Faculty of Pharmacy offers 6-months research-oriented master programme for talented and motivated students who are interested in pharmaceutical science in all its facets.

The Faculty of Pharmacy offers research projects in English to exchange students. When applying for your project, choose the topic from the list in the on-line Learning Agreement!

Students accepted for research projects have their individual supervisors and work on the project in an English-speaking research team. They prepare their Master Thesis based on the resea

Pharmacy projects     


15 May - First semester and full academic year

25 November - Second semester


*How to save and print the appliaction?

Follow the instructions if you want to save the printable application documents on your PC. It is essential in case you are unable to print the document right after registration. In order to print it later, you have to save the file (Microsoft Windows system) - click on the 'Print' button on the lower left corner of the screen, then choose ‘Microsoft XPS Document Writer’ in Print dialog box, then indicate place on your computer to save the document. The document will get ‘xps’ extension. Now you can transfer and print the file whenever you want.


Description of the application procedure