​​​​​​​International Cooperation

The Medical University of Warsaw is a truly European University, were the education is based on European and international educational standards.

The international cooperation is one of the most important elements of the university’s educational strategy.

The University participates in many international programs providing the exchange of students and academic teachers, as well as in the scientific and research programs.

The Medical University of Warsaw has established successful cooperation with 116 European universities within the Erasmus+ programme.
Participation in this programs enables the students and academic teachers gaining new European experience with the international scientific community, which no doubt will play a significant role in their professional practice.

Understanding the challenges initiated by the Lisbon Convention and the Bologna Declaration on the main role of education and research in Europe, the University’s objective is the implementation of its main principles, creating strong European Higher Education Area.

The Medical University of Warsaw has also managed to establish recognized international position in research, both in the clinical and theoretical medicine.

It has scientific research and educational cooperation with many universities and research institutions in Europe, especially Germany, France, Sweden, Netherlands, Austria and Great Britain. At present this cooperation is being developed also with other foreign partners from Europe, USA, Canada, Asia – Japan, Malaysia, Peru and Middle East

Our University is an institutional member of prestige international Organizations:
UNESCO, EUA (European University Association), AMEE (Association for Medical Association in Europe) and ECTS-MA (ECTS-Medicine Association). Participation in this organizations is a forum for the exchange of information and scientific experience between its members. It addresses educational, institutional and quality issues in medical education and aims at further harmonization of medicine disciplines in the World.

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